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Beginner’s Guide to Ski Lifts

I often find that one of the major causes of anxiety for novice skiers who have just booked last minute ski holidays is not the skiing itself, but using ski lifts for the first time. These can be daunting for first-timers, particularly when everybody else appears to be so used to them, so I thought it would be helpful to explain the different types that you might encounter. Hopefully this will build some confidence and ensure that you know what you are doing when you get out there.

Aerial Lifts

Chairlift – This is the most common type, yet one that still causes plenty of nerves for beginners. The rider sits on the chairlift and pulls down the safety rail, and they are then transported in the air on a cable. Typically, they carry anywhere between two and eight people and come in various styles and shapes.

Gondolas – Gondolas also circle on a cable, but they are large enclosed cabins which can carry up to 40 passengers at once. The smaller gondolas will have seats, whilst the ones that carry more passengers will be standing room only, keeping your equipment with you. These are less intimidating and also protect you from the elements, but they will be closed in high winds due to safety.

Surface Lifts

T-Bars – T-Bars and other surface lifts are more common in beginners areas and involve the skier being transported whilst their skis remain on the ground. A T-Bar drags the user up a slope with the use of a T-shaped bar, which the user places in between their legs.

Rope Tows – Rope tows involve the user holding onto an endless looped rope that is driven by the motor, allowing them to be slowly hauled up the slope.

Magic Carpets – Similar to a rope tow, a magic carpet is a conveyor belt at snow level that the user stands on and is taken up the slope. This is comparable to an escalator and one of the easier lifts to use.

Cable Railways and Funiculars

Cable railways operate on a pulley system where one cabin goes up when the other goes down. They can carry large groups (The Vanoise Express can carry over 200!), but they can be closed in adverse weather conditions. Funiculars are a type of cable railway which run on underground rails and have numerous carriages – these are usually the fastest method of transportation and can carry large groups.

Soak Up the Sun with An Active Easter Family Vacation

There is no better time to stream off for a daylight filled occasion than toward the finish of winter. Following quite a while of cruel winds, rain, icy and murkiness, we are all longing the glow of the sun and investing quality energy outside. The sun starts to demonstrate its face around the finish of March when the schools separate for their Easter occasions, so this is a perfect time to dump those winter coats for bathing suit and whisk the family away for a truly necessary excursion.

There are numerous incredible family occasion goals to set out toward Easter, yet here at Prestige we generally get a kick out of the chance to suggest the lovely sunny Spanish area of Murcia or the stunning Algarve in Portugal. Both of these great goals gloat a lovely atmosphere and bounty to see and accomplish for the dynamic family.


Found a short distance from the sparkling Mediterranean Sea toward the southwest of Spain, this is a wonderful city that has a stupendous atmosphere especially amid spring.

We Recommend – La Manga Club Resort

This unbelievable resort is a games and relaxation safe house. Here you will discover many phenomenal games and exercises for you and the little ones to take a stab at amid your remain. Regardless of whether this a straightforward session of tennis on one of their 28 courts or something somewhat more option like Gaelic football, you are certain to have a truckload of good times and appreciate at last feeling the glow on your skin once more.

The resort offers fun instructional classes and occasions for practically every game that you could consider (for both kids and grown-ups) – you may well discover an ability you never know you had here! It is additionally an open door for your youngsters to make new companions and take an interest in some sound rivalry.